A survey highlights the importance of Sustainable Tourism in Mediterranean countries

Tourism is a key lever for economic development in the Mediterranean Sea Basin. Despite this great potential, the region faces problems in relation to water resources, energy needs, waste production. Moreover, the area  needs for environmental protection, with an increasing demand for environmentally friendly tourism services.

Responding to this need, the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari (Centro Servizi per le Imprese Promozionali) has carried out a study in the framework of Invest in Med Program. The analysis has focused both on the market of products, services and technologies (water purification technologies, energy efficiency and water saving devices) in the tourist hotel sector in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, and the potential development of demand in these countries.

The study has underlined that the adoption of a sustainable tourism strategy in the Mediterranean Region represents a great opportunity in terms of investments in a high added value sector as well as of support to other sectors and new technologies contributing to environmental sustainability.

Click here to download the study

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