Heritage interpretation in Europe

The European Association for Heritage Interpretation defines “Heritage interpretation is a structured approach to non-formal education that is specialised in communicating significant ideas about a place to people on leisure. It establishes a link between visitors and what they can discover at a nature reserve, a historic site or a museum”.

In Europe, the subject is becoming a relevant aspect in the development of new touristic destinations as the Heritage Interpretation is being considering as an innovative strategy to create experiential and sustainable tourism products. “If done effectively professional interpretation helps managers of protected areas, museums and heritage sites as well as municipalities, regions and tourism destinations, visitors and locals” in different ways.

Evidence of this importance is different events that are being organizing during this year. Shortly, a seminar about “Heritage interpretation as a key tool for the responsible tourism” will be take place in Madrid on 31st January during FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair, and an International Conference inspired by the European Year of Citizens 2013 is announced between 15th and 18th June near Stockholm: “Sharing our natural and cultural heritage: interpretation can make us citizens of the world”.

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