Highlights of Coastal and Maritime Tourism in Europe

The Committee of the Regions, in cooperation with the European Commission Direction General Enterprise and industry and Maritime Affairs and Fisheries organized the technical workshop “Coastal and Maritime Tourism in Europe: Towards a Competitive, Innovative and Sustainable Approach” on 29th April 2013 in Brussels to check how a “European approach to coastal and maritime tourism can address current governance shortcomings and create a framework for public-private partnerships”.

The workshop pointed out the key role of the coastal and maritime tourism has in European regions. For instance, according to the most recent figures, some 2.36 million people are currently employed in the coastal tourism sector, representing 1.1% total EU employment. Additionally, more than half of all EU hotel beds are located in regions with a sea border.

Moreover, during the workshop was remarked the maritime tourism is increasing in Europe in spite of the economical crisis context. New potential coastal destinations for tourism in Europe might be developed such as Bulgaria and Romania under the new approach.

The European Parliament has already submitted its first proposal for development of the industry in the context of the report entitled “Blue Growth: promoting sustainable development in the marine, shipping and tourism in the EU”.

The next meeting at European level it will be the European Maritime Day Conference 2013, that it will take place in Valletta on 21 and 22 May 2013. The conference will focus on sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the wider context of “Blue Growth”. It is organized in partnership with the Maltese Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, the Maltese Ministry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment and the European Commission.

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