Role of the tourism in facing the economic crisis

Ministers of Tourism of the major economies recall the role of tourism in driving economic growth

On the occasion of the 3rd T20 Ministers’ Meeting held in Paris on 25 October 2011, the Ministers of Tourism of the major economies called on decision-makers to consider tourism within their strategies to enhance the economy. They also highlighted the importance of tourism in contributing to create new job opportunities.

The meeting approved a declaration calling on members of the G20 to “register the importance and impact of tourism as a topic of discussion in the coming years’ summits” considering the “significant economic and social potential of tourism for the global economy, employment and sustainable development”.

Mr. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission and responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship participated to the event. “As we face an economic and confidence crisis, all sectors should contribute to overcome difficulties and tourism can make a significant contribution to this effort” he said, adding that “in this period of economic transition, tourism is a strong driver of development”.

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