Are you ready for Europe?

Summer is coming… It’s time to discover Europe!

Ready for Europe is an ever timely initiative by the European Commission to promote Europe, the world’s number one tourism destination.

Ready for Europe is a multimedia campaign that, through the slogan “Europe is ready for you. Are you ready for Europe?”, aims to show the beauty of Europe in each single aspects from architecture to creative hotspots, from monarchies to honeymoons until non music festival and creative gastronomy.

Here the viral video that mixes past and future, fashion, art, architecture, gastronomy and design.

There is also the publication “Are you ready for Europe?” that underlines the actions carried out by the European Union to promote quality tourism.
Sustainable and responsible tourism is, of course, one of the main sector supported by the EU through the development of cross-border tourism routes or itineraries contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural resources.

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