A Conversation with Jean Marc Mignon

In the occasion of the European Social Tourism Forum 2013 and the ISTO 50th anniversary, Jlag has the pleasure to interview Mr. Jean Marc Mignon, President of ISTO. Founded in 1963, ISTO aims at “favouring the development of social tourism in the international framework”. As of now, ISTO counts more than 165 member organizations in … [Read more…]

A conversation with Ms. Christiane Dabdoub Nasser

Jlag had the pleasure to interview Ms. Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, team leader of Euromed Heritage (EH) 4 programme (2008-2012). EH 4 represents a further milestone in the process of recognizing ‘culture’ as a catalyst for mutual understanding between the people of the Mediterranean region. EH is closing and it is a good opportunity to make … [Read more…]

A conversation with Ms. Francesca Tudini, Head of the Tourism Unit at the European Commission, and Mrs. Iuliana Aluas, Policy Officer

The ratification and implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon has brought about an increased role for the European Commission within the area of tourism. We would be very pleased to know more about your Unit. Which is its main role? Which are the main objectives and activities? Which are the main interdependencies with other EC … [Read more…]