Recommended book: Cyprus and the Financial Crisis – The Controversial Bailout and what it means for the Eurozone

The authors examine the 2012-2013 Cyprus Financial Crisis through the prism of the Cypriot people, how it came about and the impact of this on its economy. There has been little written from the Cypriot perspsective on these events. The book takes the opportunity of incorporating insights from leading protagonists in the Cypriot governing circles and banking … [Read more…]

VisitEurope wins UNWTO Ulysses Award

The VisitEurope application was awarded the UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology. VisitEurope is a tablet app for iOS and a website optimized for any mobile device to provide travellers with a tool to obtain real-time access to information across the entire online travel planning experience; from the initial inspiration phase to the research, booking … [Read more…]

The ups and downs of the EU tourism

New statistic data from the UNWTO and the European Commission reveal the performance of the EU tourism in 2013. The data released by the European Commission provides an interesting look at the individual countries that contribute to tourism in Europe and how they have performed over the last few years. France, Italy and Spain were … [Read more…]

Destination Europe 2020

JLag took part in the conference hosted by the European Travel Commission to present the results of the initiative “Destination Europe 2020”, held in Brussels the 12th of February. The ETC, responsible for the promotion of Europe as a whole tourist destination,  has analysed  the demand trends and the  general environment of four main international … [Read more…]

Mission to the Region of Campania

Vice President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani and Stefano Caldoro, President of the Region of Campania in Italy have joined forces to make European companies aware of existing business and investment opportunities in the area. The Mission to the Region of Campania is organised after the successful visits to Greece and Portugal last year, … [Read more…]