Uk Government launches a new tourism strategy

Last 4th March the UK Government launched its New Tourism Policy, an action plan to help the British tourism industry setting out blueprint to grow the sector and creating new jobs. In Great Britain the 200,000 businesses in the tourism industry directly provide £52bn of GDP, 4.4% of British jobs, and have made tourism one of … [Read more…]

How to open a B&B in Europe

How to open a bed and breakfast in Europe? What are the differences between European Countries, what the main difficulties? To have an idea about this we have chosen to make a comparison between Italy, France and UK legislations’ about the opening of small touristic enterprises.

Pompeii, no more time to wait

Negligence, hydrogeological instability, heavy rain, insufficient funding for the management of a large and important archaeological site such as Pompeii. According to experts these are some of the causes of the collapses that have recently occurred in the ruins of this ancient Vesuvian town. “This leaves us shocked,” said Dennis Abbott, spokesman for European Commissioner … [Read more…]

Naples, Tourism in the waste?

The waste crisis in Campania is far from being resolved. After 20 years of waste emergency, for the umpteenth time, Christmas time 2010 in Naples was characterized by piles of rubbish into the street. “On Christmas the hotel reservations in Naples fell down below 10% compared to 2009” said Neapolitan hotelkeepers, “the main reason of … [Read more…]

EU Commission Communication on Tourism 2010

Keeping Europe the world’s top tourist destination is the objective of a Communication tabled by the European Commission on 30.06.2010. With 370 million international arrivals in 2008, Europe has more than 40% of the global figure – a position which needs to be retained. However the fast changing worldwide economy impacts on the tourism sector … [Read more…]

Conclusions on a new political framework for tourism in Europe

Following a presentation by the Commission on its communication proposing 21 new measures in support of tourism, the Council adopted the conclusions set out in document 13930/10. The conclusions endorse actions with European added value aimed at promoting the tourism industry, a sector with a great deal of potential in terms of turnover and employment. Conclusion

The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism 2007

The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism “The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism approved by the European Commission in October 2007 outlines the future steps for promoting the sustainability of European tourism and further contributes to the implementation of the renewed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs and of the … [Read more…]