The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Building Sustainable Tourism worldwide

As member, JLag is very pleased to present the Global Partnership for Sustainable Toursim (GPST). The GPST is a recently-founded United Nations-backed membership organization. It aims to transform the way tourism is done worldwide by integrating sustainability principles into tourism policies and practices.

The Partnership is unique in terms of:

  • approach: it addresses the different challenges faced by the tourism industry from a global perspective
  • expertise: it is built upon the experience and accomplishments of the International Task Force on Sustainable Tourism Development (ITF-STD)
  • committed stakeholders: it represents a global network of high-profile tourism stakeholders
  • outcomes: it focuses on concrete results by adapting and replicating the best practices in sustainable tourism
  • initiatives: it is designed to identify and disseminate successful initiatives to help its members develop sustainable tourism policy and programmes, and implement joint projects.

The GPST focuses on different topics: policy frameworks, climate change, environment and biodiversity, poverty alleviation, cultural and natural heritage, private sector sustainable practices, and finance and investments. The Partnership supports the implementation of policy recommendations and lessons learned about how to promote sustainable tourism, and develop new tools and projects where no existing solution has been found.

This Partnership, chaired by France, was founded in January 2011 in Costa Rica and it is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The new project coordinator, in charge of supervising the implementation of the GPST, has been recently appointed: Deirdre Shurland.

The GPST has already provided advice on sustainable tourism strategy development in over 10 countries. Its work has included: providing platforms for national dialogue and consultations; macroeconomic and sectorial research and analysis of different opportunities and options for sustainable tourism; capacity building; and the sharing of international models and best practices.

The Partnership brings together relevant actors in tourism sector, at all scales: less than a year after its creation, it already has 80 members, including 19 governments, eight United Nations agencies, 32 non-profit organizations, and nine business groups.

Silvia Barbone

JLag Managing Director

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