Open Consultation on the European Tourism Label for Quality Systems Initiative

Until 13th July 2012, an open consultation will be available on the EC website in order to have the views of public and private organisations, and individuals on a possible EU action for ensuring the quality of tourism services in Europe. The European Parliament has called on the European Commission to assess the feasibility of … [Read more…]

Future implementation of the European Tourism Quality Label

Which are the options for the future implementation of the European Tourism Quality Label (ETQ)? The European Commission discussed this topic with stakeholders during an open conference that took place on January, 25. Regarding operational options, the majority of stakeholders expressed their support for a full European Coordination (option 1): the majority also agreed on … [Read more…]

European Tourism Quality Label: European or National coordination?

Today 25 January 2012 the European Commission  is discussing with stakeholders  the 3 different operational options for the development of a “European Tourism Quality Label”. − Option 1. Full European Coordination − Option 2. European Coordination with delegation to the National Boards – Option 3. Assessment and Decision at National Level At the moment European … [Read more…]