A Conversation with Eduardo Santander, Executive Director at European Travel Commission (ETC).

Which is the main scope of the Tourism Manifesto? Why was it needed? Tourism represents a key sector of the European economy, generating almost 10% of total EU-28 GDP and employing 25 million people. Despite these valuable benefits, European tourism does not receive the importance it deserves on the policy making scene. In response to … [Read more…]

VisitEngland launches accessible tourism campaign in 2013

VisitEngland has unveiled plans for a national marketing campaign to promote accessible tourism in England next year. The national tourist board will work with five destinations to develop exciting itineraries with top class accommodation and attractions that provide a warm welcome for all visitors including those with access needs.  The campaign, a first of its … [Read more…]


The European Parliament Tourism Task Force, in line with the Report on “Europe the world’s No 1 tourist destination” (2011),  proposes six priorities to work on for 2012 and 2013 : Cooperation, Tourism for all, Attracting New Flows, Diversification, Quality, Resources.  The Task Force is chaired  the TRAN Chair, currently  Mr Brian Simpson, and the standing Rapporteur from the … [Read more…]


The EU Commission has published a new call for proposals in the framework of the Preparatory action “Tourism and accessibility for all”, financed by the European Parliament. The overall purpose of this call is to” incentivise and reward European destinations which make accessibility as a key priority in their promotional offer”. Specific aims of the European Excellence … [Read more…]

EC new call for tenders on data collecting about accessible tourism

The call “Economic Impact and Travel Patterns of Accessible Tourism in Europe” has been launched by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry as a part of the European Parliament Preparatory Action “Tourism Accessibility for All”. The overall purpose is to collect comprehensive and EU-wide data on: the economic impact, both actual and potential, of travellers with … [Read more…]

Accessible tourism: an opportunity of growth

A Public Hearing around the theme “Tourism for all: a challenge to win” took place on the 9th February at the European Parliament. Accessibility of destinations, accommodation and information within the EU’s new tourism strategy were discussed. The Conference was opened by Carlo Fidanza MEP who underlined the need to invest in accessible tourism to … [Read more…]