Coming European Day of Parks 2013: My Park. My Passion. My Story

EUROPARC Federation represents some 400 members in 35 countries, who themselves manage the green jewels of Europe’s land, sea, mountains, forests, rivers and cultural heritage. In 2013, the Federation is celebrating its anniversary “40 years Working for Nature” and is promoting a special European Day of Parks.

This year all people who love to be out in nature are invited to participate in the European Day of Parks: visitors, tourists, and also all those who work within a protected area (managers, forest rangers) or as a service provider or supplier around it (tourist agencies, guides, farmers). On and round the 24th of May 2013 all are invited to be creative and express their passion in an artistic form to be shared with the wide European network of protected areas. Organizations and agencies are welcome to plan, promote and organize activities that allow people to express their passion, emotions, and experiences under a participatory motto: My Park. My Passion. My Story.

All protected areas, Natura 2000 sites, EUROPARC members and partners are invited to join it. Poster templates are available in 5 languages.

For more information check the EUROPARC website here

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