1. What a good idea! To mix Cultural and Culture actors is the best idea to make projects! In France we don’t do it, unhapill. May be we have too success with cultural tourism? But “tomorow” we’ll e sorry about the lapse of discussion between Culture ans Tourism, I think. Good luck, have a wonderful event!

  2. I have been working since 2004 in Italy in a project that made the recovery of a Patrimony a project of local economic development. This project is been born from a private entrepreneur and made school in all world. The ancient village were we set up one of the first Alberghi DIffusi in Italy is S. Stefano di Sessanio, a middle age village, almost abandoned in the ´50 for the poverty and now reborn tank on what we made.

    Today in Berlin I set up a new Project, a map that show the the sustainable Italy.
    I´m sure that this is the future of tourism, this is the future of our economy and development, I´m so glad that people are starting to understand how is important to preserve and promote our Cultural Heritage. Thank for all you are doing

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