Delivering Europe 2020 requires more involvement of local and regional authorities and more financial investment

A report published by the Committee of the Regions (CoR) has shown that whilst there is widespread awareness and support for Europe 2020 – the EU’s growth strategy – there is an urgent need to commit more financial resources and to better engage local and regional authorities if its ambitious targets are to be met. This is a very important step to allow local and regional authorities to be directly involved in Europe2020.

The results of the report entitled, Third CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, are based on a number of surveys carried out by the CoR and form part of the institution’s efforts to measure the impact of Europe 2020 at a local and regional level. It shows that despite growing levels of consultation with bodies representing local and regional authorities (LRAs), the shaping of Europe 2020 National Reform Programmes are still being decided by national governments. Europe 2020, the report stresses, is therefore failing to benefit from the potential that a coordinated approach between the different levels of governance could bring in delivering its objectives.

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