Destination Europe 2020

JLag took part in the conference hosted by the European Travel Commission to present the results of the initiative “Destination Europe 2020”, held in Brussels the 12th of February.

The ETC, responsible for the promotion of Europe as a whole tourist destination,  has analysed  the demand trends and the  general environment of four main international target markets (Russia, China, Brazil, USA&Canada),  identifying the specificities of each country  and the elements  that can generate added value for promoting Europe as a single destination: authenticity, diversity, high-class perception. The results of the analysis emphasises that the promotional strategies must be targeted for each country and the offer adapted consequently.

Following the research phase, the ECT has developed, jointly with Amadeus (leading provider of technology solutions for the travel industry), the Ipad App “VisitEurope”, with the main aim of promoting Europe as a whole destination, enhancing the visibility in digital markets and attract new partners. The App, which has been specifically designed for the North American markets, allows potential travellers to compare European destinations and travel options in a simple and intuitive manner.

Presented also the winner of the contest “Visit Europe Short Film campaign” (video available here).

Disclosed also the European Portal of Gastronomy, joint project of the ETC and the European Commission. Designed as a showcase for all the European events related to gastronomy, it is also focused on sustainability in the tourism sector. In fact, it will promote food routes, territorial brands, European quality labels, local specificity and zero food-miles products. The new portal will be online next week.

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