EC new call for tenders on data collecting about accessible tourism

The call “Economic Impact and Travel Patterns of Accessible Tourism in Europe” has been launched by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry as a part of the European Parliament Preparatory Action “Tourism Accessibility for All”. The overall purpose is to collect comprehensive and EU-wide data on: the economic impact, both actual and potential, of travellers with special access needs on the EU tourism sector; the demand, travel behaviour, and patterns of travellers with special access needs in Europe.

The study shall include the following sub-sectors: Accommodation, Food and beverage, Entertainment, Recreation, Attractions, Transportation, and Travel Services, within a geographic coverage scope of the EU 27 Member States. Three specific objectives must be fulfilled: to lay out exhaustive and EU-wide demographics of accessible tourism; to assess the current and potential contribution of the demand of accessible tourism to growth and employment in the EU tourism sector; to establish the travel patterns and behaviour of tourists with special access needs.

Expected result is to change vision of all tourism businesses, dissuading them of regard accessible tourism as a “burden” and approaching them to view it as one of the greatest tourism potential markets, a “golden opportunity”. Tourism accessibility across Europe is still to some extent “unchartered territory”, with widespread misconceptions and lack of knowledge about the market of tourists with special access needs. Travelling and having full access to tourist activities, services and facilities is a right enshrined in Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, signed by the European Union and its 27 Member States.

The deadline for submitting tenders is 28th June 2012.

For more information and technical details:

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