‘EC4S’: the town twinning as a model for sustainable tourism

A new project, “European Citizens for Sustainability” (EC4S) has been financed by the European Commission within the Europe for Citizens Programme.

EC4S is a town twinning project, aiming to promote a first direct exchange between citizens of two towns, the Municipality of Cassano Irpino (Italy) and the Municipality of Râșnov (Romania). Through a six days meeting, that will take place in Cassano Irpino in October 2012, citizens of both municipalities will interact, debate and share their views and experiences on topics related to sustainability.

Four cross-cutting topics will be discussed: efficient and sustainable water use; renewable energies; sustainable tourism in rural areas, and the role of senior and young citizens in preserving the local tangible and intangible heritage, especially in rural communities. These topics will be discussed according to the priorities set in the EU agenda and the needs of citizens.

EC4S will be also an occasion to officially sign a twinning declaration and a future engagement of collaboration between the two towns.

Sustainable tourism will be one of the main topics under discussion; participants will debate how the natural and cultural heritage can be exploited in a sustainable way, protecting the environment and traditions of local communities. The meeting will be also an occasion to discuss the impact in rural areas of the European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism.

Aspects in common between the two participant municipalities are key points in the development of the town twinning: a similar rural environment; the vision of tourism as a driving force for the development in the two areas; the presence of natural resources and cultural heritage as the main source for local development, and last but not least the willing to share experiences and build bonds between the two areas, the two cultures and their population.

Jlag has assisted the two muncipalities in developing the project. For more information, you can write us at: info@jlageurope.com

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