Eu stresses the importance of tourism in Southern Mediterranean

During the extraordinary European Council of 11 March 2011 the heads of state and government of the EU welcomed the joint communication “Partnership for Democracy and Shared Prosperity with the Southern Mediterranean” . It is a joint Communication of the Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. This policy paper proposes a Partnership based on a differentiated and incentive-based approach bringing together all EU instruments. Among others, the Commission presented ideas for a stronger focus of EU aid on human rights, good governance and civil society; actions to promote the economic recovery and reinforced trade relations with our partners; as well as measures for increased mobility. These measures relate to tourism as well. In particular the Communication underlines the importance of tourism as key contributor to GDP in many of the countries in the Southern Mediterranean. Moreover, it proposes to extend at these countries a number of European initiatives such as the “European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN)“, a project promoting sustainable tourism development models across the European Union, and Calypso, a preparatory action on social tourism in Europe that aims at promoting tourism in the low season, combating seasonality whilst having a social benefit and stimulating European citizenship through touristic exchanges.

The Communication “Partnership for Democracy and Shared Prosperity with the Southern Mediterranean” is a EU policy instrument that the Member States legislations should address,  and at the same time it should represent a framework for all the stakeholders involved with the Mediterranean issue.



For more information see the EU Commission Communication.



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