European Commission approves new restoration funding for Pompeii

Yesterday, the European Commission approved funding from the European Regional Development Fund for a major project to restore the  UNESCO site of Pompeii, in Campania, Italy. The decision comes in response to damage suffered at the site after torrential rains last November and hailstorms in 2010.

The project, called ‘preservation, maintenance and improvement of the archaeological site of Pompeii’, of a total amount of 105 million euro, aims to preserve the site as a long term tourism attraction for the region.

The approved major project comes after an application from the Italian authorities and an action plan agreed with the Commission, assessing the scope of works needed to rehabilitate the site.

Some preparations (staff recruitment etc) have already begun. There are 39 individual projects ready to begin in sequence once they receive the final green light. Before the end of April decisions should be taken on when works should start and about a further timeframe for the completion of the project.

Commenting on the approval, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn stated: “We have given the green light for this major restoration, not only in the interest of Italy, but for the whole European historical heritage. I am confident that this will have a positive impact on the tourism sector and economy in the area, and by extension on the lives of all citizens in the region.”

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