European Social Innovation Competition

The 2015 European Social Innovation Competition has launched, with €50 000 in prize money for the top three projects: great opportunities for innovative tourism project ideas which generate social impact. 

Seeking ‘New Ways to Grow’

The EU requires growth that sustains not only financial value, but also social progress for citizens, government and enterprises alike. However, current models of growth are no longer deemed fit for a society where scarcity is the new reality and where too many people are left behind. New collaborations and alternative ways to grow are needed for sustainable value and an inclusive society, in Europe today.

The 2015 European Social Innovation Competition will support the next generation of European innovators – people who have the potential to change the landscape of growth across Europe.

Competition Details

The Competition launched on 23rd March in Gdansk, Poland.

The Competition invites Europeans to come up with game changing ideas that can advance Europe’s growth model, for example

  • Challenge the assumptions upon which economic growth is usually conceived (e.g. the trend for sharing and collaborative economy);
  • Question supply chain, production and delivery modes, or use of mainstream products or services (e.g. circular economy);
  • Conceive new technologies or propose smarter use of existing technologies for the benefit of society (e.g. internet of things or 3D-printing);
  • Generate new solutions and approaches for societal challenges of today and the future.

Selected by a jurypdf Choose translations of the previous link (1 MB), the European Commission will award the three top ideas a prize of €50 000 each, to be presented at an awards’ ceremony, in Brussels in November 2015. However, the competition also includes a strong mentoring component for semi-finalists to progress their ideas.

Who can apply

The Competition is open to everyone (individuals or legal entities except public administrations) resident in EU Member States and countries participating in the Horizon 2020 programme (see listpdf Choose translations of the previous link).

Ideas are sought from all sources and sectors, and all types of organisations including for-profit, non-for-profit, or private companies. At the same time, newcomers and self-starters who want to explore social innovation are also invited to apply!

How to apply

The application process is simple:

  1. Read the rules of contestpdf Choose translations of the previous link (381 kB) and FAQs pdf Choose translations of the previous link (360 kB);
  2. Get familiar with the template entry formpdf Choose translations of the previous link (369 kB);
  3. Click here and complete the online form by 12:00 noon, Brussels time, on 8th May 2015.

See other examples of how social innovation can help explore new ways to grow.


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