Green Tourism Report: investing in energy and resource efficiency

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has recently published the Green Economy Report which is the result of a three-year global research involving hundreds of experts and economists worldwide.

The Report includes a chapter on tourism, developed in partnership with the World Tourism Organization; the document underlines the importance for investing in the greening of tourism and provides guidance on how to mobilize such investments.

Green tourism can be a driver for economic growth, employability and poverty reduction, and it can improve resource efficiency and minimize environmental degradation. To maximize the potential of green tourism, the Report underlines the key role played by small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs need better access to funding for investing in green tourism and public policies have to provide the conditions for the further development of sustainable tourism.

Destination planning and development strategies are considered as the first step towards the greening of tourism. The impact of tourism, in fact, depends on how it is planned, developed and managed. The Report shows that concerted greener policies can promote the growth of the sector toward a more sustainable path, generating economic, social and environmental benefits.

Click here to see the Green Economy Report – Tourism Chapter

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