International Local and Regional Authorities Network for Social Tourism

During the plenary meeting of the International Social Tourism Organisation, which has been held on May, 26 – 27 in Östersund (Sweden), the first Directory of the International Social Tourism Organisation’s Network of Local and Regional Authorities (ISTO) has been presented.
The work provides a short presentation of each member region, its policies, programs and activities on social tourism as well as projects and partnerships on a European and international level. It also includes interesting facts, tourism indicators and contact details of the people in charge of these matters for each body. The directory represents a practical and user-friendly tool aimed at highlighting the activities of the regions in the sector of social tourism and stimulating the cooperation between the members.

The publication is also an invitation for other local and regional authorities that wish to join the Network: it represents a first step towards an ever-growing Network of regions and municipalities interested in developing “Tourism for All”.

The Directory is available at the following website:


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