Is GREAT Britain campaign an effective tool to promote UK?

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has launched a new campaign entitled GREAT Britain to improve Britain’s image abroad, centered around the London 2012 Olympics.

The campaign highlights what Britain has to offer as a place to visit, study, work and do business in. This new project aims to give the country a single brand in order to attract tourists and foreign business. It provides a co-ordinated approach for promoting UK and increasing the positive effects to the economy which the Olympics will bring. The Government says they are “determined to seize this unprecedented opportunity to ensure that the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are not only a spectacular celebration of sport, but also deliver a lasting economic legacy for the whole country, boosting investment, jobs and growth”.

The UK Trade and Investment, the Culture Department, the Foreign Office, Visit Britain and other government departments will work together on the campaign to bring in the business and tourists from now and beyond 2012. The £500,000 GREAT campaign aims to create a £ 1 billion boost for businesses and attract four million extra visitors over the next four years.

The key campaign themes of heritage, sport, shopping, music, entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge, green, creativity and countryside are reproduced in the postcards designed to promote the project. Each postcard has five facts about Britain written on the back, such as London 2012 will be the world’s first truly sustainable Olympics and Paralympics, or Britain being home to three of the top five museums and galleries in the world.

Can GREAT Britain campaign contribute to attract more tourists in UK? Can the project help to combat the negative connotations Britain may have acquired after this summer’s riots? Will the GREAT Britain brand be a success or a failure?


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