Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme & Tourism Sector: from Alentejo (Portugal) to Brussels (Belgium)

20130407_121241In November 2012, I learnt about the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme “Get a Placement in Europe!”. The internship would take place at Jlag, Brussels, a consultancy company that promotes the sustainable tourism development. I immediately decided to apply. Having finished my bachelor’s degree just a year ago, I saw this as a huge opportunity to expand my tourism knowledge and to broaden my professional and personal horizons. Let’s not forget that I can improve my basic level of French.

Right now, I’ve been in Brussels for almost two weeks and this is my second day at work. I was lucky enough to arrive a week prior to my internship, so I got the chance to do some sightseeing and meet the other fellow residents that live in my residence. I’m enjoying the city, but I have to say, the weather is problematic, because of the cold and the wind. I had no idea how windy Brussels can be!

When it comes to work, I’m just getting started and there is a lot I have to familiarize myself with, but I’m very excited! My expectations are good; I want to learn as much as possible from Jlag Ltd., in order to consolidate my knowledge and do the best work I can. Next week, I will take part in the PM4ESDTM training session, where, I’m sure, I will learn everything there is to know about this new methodology.  It will, definitely, give me additional skills, which will contribute for my future.

Also, I finally found Portuguese people! Moreover, from Alentejo, where I’m from! They work right next door and it feels so good to hear someone else speak Portuguese. Until now, as incredible as it seems, I hadn’t found a single Portuguese in Brussels.

So far, the experience is being very rewarding.

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  1. Victor Figueira

    Good luck Alexandrina.
    I hope you will have a excelent experience and be proud IPBeja, ESTIG and of course your graduation in Tourism.
    Myself and Ana Isabel already have the first degree of this training methodology of PM4ESD.
    Best wishes!

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