Mediterranean countries agree on common strategies to boost tourism in the region

On the occasion of the UNWTO Conference on The Future of Mediterranean Tourism that took place in Djerba (Tunisia) from 16th to 17th April 2012, Mediterranean states agreed to strengthen their cooperation to consolidate tourism in the region.

During the meeting representatives of 33 countries in the Mediterranean and beyond discussed the future of tourism in the region, especially in light of recent political developments, economic uncertainty and the ongoing challenge of climate change.

The Conference has been also an occasion to sign the Djerba Declaration. In the document participants call upon public authorities, private operators and reserach centers to cooperate to develop Mediterranean tourism, especially in the following areas: training in tourism occupation, at both the vocational and university levels; establishing standards or labels, paying particular attention on the quality of tourism services and sustainability; development of cruise activity; exchanging of good practices; conducting studies on market trends.

UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, stressed the importance to develop common strategies to enhance tourism in the region: he told delegates that “Many of the challenges facing Mediterranean destinations can be addressed more effectively through coordinated efforts in areas such as research, product development, access, travel facilitation, promotion and technology”.

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