Performance Measurement and Management in Tourism at TTRA Europe Annual Conference

“Measuring efficiency and management in tourism” was the addressing topic of the annual conference of the European Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). The event took place in Bilbao from 18th to 20th April 2012.

The purpose of the TTRA Europe 2012 conference was to convene international scholars, researchers, policy makers and other tourism professionals to explore and address the issues of performance measurement and performance management in tourism contexts.

Discussions about the present and future of the tourism industry took place with very reputed guests which led the main keynote presentations, as in the case, in order of appearance, of Mr. Zheng Xiang (Assistant Professor College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism, USA), Mr. Richard Perdue (Professor and Department Head of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Virginia Tech, USA), Mr. Daniel R. Fesenmaier (Professor, School of Tourism & Hospitality Management at Temple University) and Ms. Aurkene Alzua (Executive Director of the Competence Research Centre in Tourism, CICtourGUNE, Spain), representing host organizer member.

The overall objective of tourism as an economic development tool can be to stimulate and maintain sustainable growth in wealth and employment for the well-being of the residents of a particular destination. This growth is achieved through a variety of actions and strategies that are implemented at various levels by actors of the public and the private sector. A key aspect of management is the issue of performance and, more specifically, performance measurement, monitoring, and management. The purpose of a measurement system is to provide feedback, relative to goals and objectives, which increases an organization’s chances of reaching those goals and objectives. Participants stressed the fact that researchers and Tourism Industry members are called to work together to contribute to tourism efficient development.

Other issues brought to the fore were: performance for destinations, businesses and facilities, stakeholders and measurement innovation, sustainable development performance, such as Performance indicators, tools and measurement, labels and certification, qualitative and quantitative approaches, balance score cards, brand measurement, service quality monitoring.

Participants discussed also about distribution channels, electronic distribution, social media, yield management as well as financial, marketing, management, process, human resources, value chains, and events performance.

The next TTRA Europe Conference will be hosted in 2013 in the city of Dublin (Ireland), and even for 2014, TTRA World Conference is planned to be celebrated in the Belgian city of Bruges.

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