Prague: The Next Project Management for Sustainable Tourism – PM4SD® – Training Course

In two weeks’ time, the last training course in PM4SD® will take place. It will be held in the magical city of Prague, between the 10th and the 12th of September.

If you are a project manager or a tourism professional, and if you are truly committed in making tourism more sustainable, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. The PM4SD® methodology applies whenever an organisation needs to plan and manage a sustainable tourism initiative, providing a guarantee for public authorities that the project will be transformed into concrete actions with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and that these actions will have a real impact on local communities. By attending this level of training courses and passing the exam, you will be certified in this methodology at Foundation level. This means you will have the sufficient knowledge and understanding in PM4SD® that will make able to work effectively with or as a member of a project management team working within an environment supporting PM4SD®.

During this year, we have been delivering Foundation training course all over Europe, and even in the Middle East – Jordan – but this is the first taking place in as Eastern Europe country. We should bear in mind that last year, when tourism first reached, for the first time in history, one billion tourist arrivals and Europe maintained its position as the world most visited region, it was the Central and Eastern Europe sub-region that experienced the best results, with an 8% growth in international tourist arrivals. This, alongside the tremendous potential of the region, made Prague an obvious choice to host this training course.

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