Promoting the tastes of Europe

On March, 30 the European Commission adopted a Communication on the promotion and information measures for European agricultural products. Through the document, the Commission intends to make the agriculture and agri-food sector more dynamic and more competitive and to promote sustainable, intelligent and inclusive growth.

In order to achieve this goal, the Commission proposed key objectives for the future promotion policy, focused around four themes: real European added value; more attractive programmes with a bigger impact; simpler and more effective management; and new synergies between the different promotion instruments.

The Communication opens the debate on the content of the future promotion policy at EU level. Once the discussions has been concluded, the Commission will present legislative proposals before the end of the year.

The aim of the legislative proposals for the reform of the CAP post-2013 currently being negotiated is to enable this policy to contribute fully to the “Europe 2020” Strategy by supporting agriculture that guarantees food safety, the sustainable use of natural resources and the dynamism of rural areas as well as growth and employment. An efficient promotion policy is key to reaching these objectives.

Enhancing the promotion policy of agricultural products benefits the tourism sector as well. Promoting the tastes of Europe represents a measure to boost tourism in many rural destinations in Europe. The diversity and quality of agricultural production in the European Union are values known throughout the world. Promotion is an essential element to enhance the visibility of less known and rural destinations, thus contributing to drive growth in many European regions.

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