Recommended book: Cyprus and the Financial Crisis – The Controversial Bailout and what it means for the Eurozone

The authors examine the 2012-2013 Cyprus Financial Crisis through the prism of the Cypriot people, how it came about and the impact of this on its economy. There has been little written from the Cypriot perspsective on these events. The book takes the opportunity of incorporating insights from leading protagonists in the Cypriot governing circles and banking sectors and focusses on qualitative research to assess the events that formed the backdrop to this crisis.

The book goes onto analyse the policies of many public and private institutions and presents the crisis alongside other bailouts to compare and contextualise the ongoing issues. Cyprus and the financial crisis also explains the political and historical backdrop of the events, and the unravelling financial relationship between Cyprus, Greece and Russia. It embraces the views of Cypriots from a wide and diverse spectrum, and presents the resilience of the island in fighting back to beat forecasts for its  growth and recovery-a process greatly aided by tapping into the newly discovered oil and natural gas wealth off its southern shores.

The book reviews the initiatives for its planned  recovery by focussing on and strengthening its core industries and in particular its traditional focus on tourism- As a vital element and A major contributor in SME growth- in an ever competitive global tourism market.

The book is published by Palgrave Macmillian.

About the Authors

John Theodore is a trained barrister and as director of the International Tourism Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has spent over 20 years of his professional working life internationally on EU funded projects focussing on the Tourism sector. He has recently led MMU’s collaboration with MEPs representing Catalonia,Corsica Galicia and in particular with the support and co-sponsorship of Jill Evans MEP and her office in organising two European Parliament Conferences on Sustainable and Responsible Tourism  (Key Note MMU speakers;Professors John Swarbrooke on Sustainable and Harold Goodwin on Responsible Tourism.)

Co Author Dr. Jonathan Theodore has been an undergraduate tutor in History at Kings College London University and has been engaged in a number of consultancy assignments for companies involved in research for the creative industries.

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