Social tourism in Europe: new call for proposal within CALYPSO Programme

The Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission has published a new call for proposal in the framework of CALYPSO. This programme aims at facilitating trans-national exchanges in the tourist low season for specific disadvantaged target groups (seniors, youths, people with disability, families with low income). Moreover, it encourages, through the social policy function of tourism, as many people as possible to go on holiday within a country different from the one of residence/origin and therefore significantly aids mobility. In this perspective, the specific objectives of this call for proposals are:

  1. to support public authorities in setting up, developing and/or strengthening CALYPSO office infrastructures in their country
  2. to provide networking opportunities enhancing collaboration between public authorities with the ultimate aim of promoting low season exchanges in any one or more of the four CALYPSO target groups
  3. to conduct relevant studies that could improve the knowledge base and eventually facilitate low season exchanges.

The estimated maximum budget allocated for this call for proposals is 450,000.00 € and the indicative number of projects which will be co-financed is between 3 and 4. The maximum EU co-financing rate of eligible costs is 75 % and the maximum European Union co-financing ceiling per project is 150,000.00 €. Proposed projects should be carried out through a partnership between at least three different countries (Lead organisation + at least two other partners) per consortium.

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