Sustainable tourism across Europe: EDEN Award 2011

On the occasion of the European Tourism Day, which took place on 27 September in Brussels and focused on European Industrial Heritage, twenty-one destinations from across Europe received the 2011 EDEN Award.

EDEN is the acronym for ‘European Destinations of Excellence’, a European Commission (EC) initiative aims to promote Europe’s emerging and lesser known tourist sustainable destinations. The EDEN project is developed around an annual theme, chosen by the EC together with the relevant national tourism bodies.

This years’ theme is based on tourism and regeneration of physical sites: all twenty-one winning destinations from EU Member States and Candidate Countries have successfully regenerated physical sites of local heritage, transforming them into economic and cultural attractions.

The twenty-one selected EDEN destinations are non-traditional locations with low visitor ratings, which have all converted sites in decline such as old railway lines, declining industrial sites, disused factories, abandoned mines. These sustainable regeneration projects have contributed to give visibility to hidden locations, preserve and promote industrial and cultural heritage and drive growth within the local communities.

For further information on the twenty-one European Destinations of Excellence 2011:


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