The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism 2007

The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism

“The Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism approved by the European Commission in October 2007 outlines the future steps for promoting the sustainability of European tourism and further contributes to the implementation of the renewed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs and of the renewed Sustainable Development Strategy. It builds on the recommendations of the Tourism Sustainability Group, which were issued in February 2007.
By outlining the objectives and principles for the sustainability of tourism and the challenges to be tackled, this Communication addresses all stakeholders playing a role in European tourism and calls them to contribute to the sustainable and competitive development of tourism in the EU. Tourism stakeholders are invited to accept their responsibilities at the levels where they mostly operate and are invited to embrace the opportunities that the sustainability challenge offers as a potential driver for innovation and growth. The sustainable management of destinations, the integration of sustainability concerns by businesses and the sustainability awareness by tourists form the framework of action proposed. The Communication also contains a message of commitment by the European Commission to this Agenda process. It builds the framework for the implementation of supportive European policies and actions in the tourism domain and in all other policy areas which exert an impact on tourism and on its sustainability, following a step-by-step approach and providing tourism stakeholders with added value at European level. The Communication also commits the European Commission to continue to strengthen its internal cooperation and to present its evaluation of the progress made in 2011″.


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