The European Nature System: more transparency and mobility in nature and rural tourism

The European Nature System is an ECVET (European Credit for Vocational Education and Training) process to put in transparency and recognize across Europe the learning outcomes and the qualifications of the professional figures in the nature-based tourism in the rural areas of Europe. The project encourages and facilitates the European mobility for workers in nature and rural tourism.

The partners of this project are: Aris Formazione e Ricerca Società Cooperativa (Italy); Consorzio Itaca (Italy); Diesis Coop (Belgium); Latvijas lauku turisma asociacija “Lauku celotajs” (Latvia); Fundacion Ecoagroturismo (Spain); BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH (Austria); Koan Consulting SL (Spain); KATE-Kontaktstelle für Umwelt & Entwicklung (Germany) and Regione Umbria (Italy).

Using the ECVET system, the project aims to define and validate the competences of nature and rural tourism, recognized at first within the partnership countries, and eventually at EU level.

On the 20th of September, the Info Day and Focus Group of the European Nature System will take place in Brussels (Sqaure de Meeûs, 18), where the results of the 2 year project will be presented. A Memorandum of Understanding was established to assess, transfer and accumulate the learning outcomes achieved by professionals for the transfer of their skills and competences during their mobility.

The event will welcome representatives from the European Commission, entrepreneurial associations, public bodies for education training, professionals, media and awarding bodies that provide certification in the field of nature-based tourism.

For more information on the agenda and to register, please visit:

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