Training for European Sustainable Tourism

A EU roundtable and network event is organized in Bruxelles to launch “PM4ESD™”, Project Management for European Sustainable Tourism, a new project management methodology for the tourism sector. Public authorities, private organizations, professionals, and stakeholders involved in the tourism sector are invited to discuss about the importance of governance and management for a competitive tourism in Europe.

The event is organised by the partnership “Training for European Sustainable Tourism”  composed by Jlag, NECSTouR, Leeds Metropolitan University and Municipality of Frigento. MEPS Carlo Fidanza and Giommaria Uggias which are part of the EP Tourism Task Force will attend the conference as speakers.

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PM4ESD Testimonials

Gianni Pittella, Vice-President European Parliament. During the last years many tourism projects and funds at European level have not created the desired impact. Many opportunities have been missed. A change is due, for transforming European natural and cultural resources in sustainable attractions. I do wish that thanks to PM4ESD™ new project managers and policy makers will be trained to boost the tourism industry.

Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, Team Leader Euromed Heritage 4. Project Management for European Sustainable Development (PM4ESD™) would be an ideal management tool to be considered for Mediterranean Partner countries: adapted to local needs of both public sector authorities and private organisations, it could complement what has been accomplished through the Euromed Heritage Programme and instill a practice of participatory, transparent and “virtuous” management.



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